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How to Start...!

Any one can join this portal using shared referral link.

You make money by inviting people to register under you using your referral link or when people join through your affiliate link.

No any Qualification required.

What Work Exactly Will You Be Doing to Make the Money?

The main work is networking and promoting the program and teaching the people that you bring in how to use the platform, how to refer people and how to register new people. This includes doing things like:

Trying to get people to join through your link.

Trying to get people to join as member under you (If they join as a member you get a commission immediately.

Introducing family members, friends and colleagues to the platform and getting them to join under you through your referral link.

If you are a blog owner, placing banner ads, links and articles promoting your referral links.

Sharing your links on blogs, forums and social networks like Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram etc.

Creating Social media groups (e.g on Whatsapp, Telegram etc) to educate people about the program and to promote your links.

Organising training sessions (online or offline) to train the member under you.

Sharing of posters and fliers about the program.


Just Onetime Investment only 799 INR.

Anybody can do it. Young or old, educated or illiterate.

All you need is an email address, a phone number and a smartphone or computer (you can use a cybercafe).

No selling and purchasing no link clicking no adv.

Add free Adevrtisements of your business. People know about of your business to grow your business.

I Pay Earn Part-1 ( Pay Only 799.00 INR)

Level Your Earning
Level - 1200
Level - 2100
Level - 3100
Level - 475
Level - 575
Level - 650

I Pay Earn Part-2 ( Your Benefit On Number Of User In Level )

Level User User x Amount Earning Amount
Level - 111x200200
Level - 244x100400
Level - 31616x1001600
Level - 46464x754800
Level - 5256256x7519200
Level - 610241024x5051200
77400 Rupees your upto level income.